Social Media Trends for 2019

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With each passing day, social media continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The face of social media marketing must adapt, leaving businesses in a constant state of upgrade. With a new social media user every 15 seconds, what is your brand doing to grab their attention?

For 2019, experts have already predicted the top trends in social media that your business should know and prepare for. To ensure your social media marketing strategy is staying effective, these trends should be on your radar.

Content Will Emphasize the “Now” Instead of the “Later”

There’s a steady rise of ephemeral content across social media networks. The Stories format for social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is growing rapidly. According to Buffer research, “We’re predicting that stories will become the primary way to share content on social media, overtaking the News Feed.”

Why? Content that focuses on the personality and authenticity of a brand is the content that consumers are craving. This means that short-lived content emphasizing the “now” could be more effective than curated content for “later”.

Get Ready for User-Generated Content

Consumers are becoming picky. Before they decide to purchase a product or service, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to conduct thorough research into the brand. Consumers are looking to other consumers for their honest opinions and referrals.

If the consumer can see your product or service making a sincere impact on their life, they’ll be hooked. But, how do we tell that story? We tell it by showing the consumer what life is like after their purchase through storytelling and word of mouth.

Martech Advisor puts it this way: “Many businesses have started embracing user-generated content (UGC) to promote their brands and products. Incorporating UGC about how your product is being used in real life will add a personal touch to your promotions.”

Building Trust Is the New Focus

When you say the two words: social media, it is often met with hesitation and opinions. Over the past year, many users lost their trust in social media after Cambridge Analytica and more. As consumers question their privacy, brands must pick up the pieces.

There’s a way to combat this. According to Hootsuite, “Smart brands are focusing less on maximizing reach and more on generating transparent, quality engagement. Companies like Adidas and The New York Times, for example, are working to develop an intimate, meaningful dialogue with smaller, more valuable audience groups.”

These brands are continuing to create valuable communities, share insightful content and then getting out of the consumer’s way. Hootsuite recommends creating a community branded hashtag, taking part in Twitter chats or using micro-influencers in your marketing strategy.

2019: A Year of Social Media Growth

Are you ready for this new year? It’s set to be a record year for social media growth. It’s time to prepare your business by refreshing your social media marketing strategy. To learn more about these trends or how to refresh, send us a message!