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At Legit Click Media, we partner with you to deliver fully customizable, cost-effective marketing services based on real-time data and research. You can get the results you want.

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As a business owner, you need to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent and that the services you seek deliver the ROI you require. Here at Legit Click Media in Oconomowoc, this is our goal, too. We want to ensure that the digital marketing services we put in place for you actually work. Every move we make is based on real-time data and research. We love to dive into reports and analyze results to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and how to best adjust accordingly.

Moreover, we prefer to build relationships from trust, not out of contractual obligation. For this reason, we have no long-term contracts. You will own all creative we put together for you, and we hope you’ll stay with us for as long as you see us as integral partner in your marketing efforts.

Our 3-Step Digital Marketing Process

By working with us, you gain access to our tried-and-tested, three-step digital marketing process.

Step 1: Needs & Goals Assessment

The first step is a full digital marketing assessment, which involves discussing your goals and needs in detail. Only once we know where you are now and where you want your marketing services to take you can we put together a full services proposal.

We often run these assessments over the phone or via web conference. However, if you live in Lake Country or in or near Oconomowoc in Waukesha County, we’d ideally run this assessment in person.

Step 2: Marketing Strategy Creation & Implementation

Once you’ve agreed to move forward with our services, we will enter the discovery process and devise a plan that lays out all the work we will perform on your behalf. We will then determine the best way to proceed with that plan to keep you on track and on budget.

Step 3: Results Analysis & Adjustment

Every plan requires review and revision. We regularly analyze how our efforts are working and then make adjustments as needed to get you where you want to go.

You will receive ongoing communication from our team, ensuring you know what we are doing for you, why we’re doing it, and how it’s working for you. And you will be in charge of deciding what steps we take when it comes time to adjust course.


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Industry News & Updates

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Google has unleashed a plethora of new features for Keyword Planner users. Some of these new updates, such as the “add to existing campaign” option, are older features now existing on the new Google Ads UI. Among the features is the ability to add up to 10 seed...

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Legit Click Media is truly professional and had our program up and running in no time. They are detailed oriented and clear in their communications. We have already seen an uptick in online orders after the first week. I highly recommend them for your online marketing needs.

John Condon

President, US Magnetix

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We will conduct an introductory meeting with you to get to know you and review your current marketing efforts. From those meetings, we will prepare an analysis that helps identify your strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities that lie ahead with a vendor of your choosing. If you choose to work with us, great! In the end, we want you to be successful and find a partner who can help you today as well as several years down the road.  Learn more…

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