Why Your Content Writing Still Needs a Human Touch

Man thinking while using laptop

In 2023 alone, the adoption of AI increased an impressive 250%. From using AI to craft the perfect email, train new staff, or revamp operations, more companies are continuing to find value in this rapidly evolving technology. Some brands are even leaning on AI for their content and copywriting, which comes with a host of caveats. In this article, let’s explore how AI is impacting content writing and why using a real, live content writer is still more beneficial.

Why Is AI-Generated Content Increasing in Popularity?

For brands that need a lot of content in a little amount of time, they may turn to AI-generated content. By simply putting in a prompt, you can get paragraphs of content in mere seconds. Likewise, brands looking to cut corners might use AI instead of employing a human. They might feel a human takes too much time or may experience writer’s block.

Reasons AI Shouldn’t Replace Content Writers

While this all sounds good on paper, there are still too many pitfalls with AI to truly replace writers. Get to know why your brand should hire a real person for your content writing needs.

Readers Crave Originality

When AI technology writes content, it is essentially regurgitating what people have already written. If you want true originality in your content, a real content writer is going to be your best bet. They are going to channel different references or nuances that AI technology cannot come up with.

Content Writers Understand Context

Until you can have AI sit on your kickoff meetings, attend every single Zoom call, answer every phone call, and read every email/Slack message/text message pertaining to a project, you aren’t going to get the same context a person can. Likewise, people are better able to navigate biases or connotations that AI won’t catch.

Accurate Facts and Stats Are Essential

While there are excellent AI tools for fact checking, it is not a catch all. Google even has a disclaimer at the bottom of its search AI tool saying “generative AI is experimental.” Even with a full article written on a platform like ChatGPT, you still need an experienced content writer to fact check and ensure the article is accurate.

Your Byline Establishes Credibility

When you use an experienced content writer or subject matter expert to write your content, you can use their byline to establish credibility in your content. The same is not true with AI, as you cannot attribute AI-generated content to one highly skilled or knowledgeable writer.

As AI continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how it impacts various industries, including content writing. While it is certainly a useful tool for content writers, truly authentic, human-written content is going to read more natural to your audience and have a bigger impact. Need help from a real, live content writer? Give us a call at 920-214-4025 or reach out here.