New Report Shows Traditional Methods of Personalization Don’t Work for Younger Generation

A new report by video platform VidMob shows that traditional methods of personalizing ads for the younger generation are becoming boring and inefficient.

The platform recently surveyed 1,000 members of the Generation Z and Millennial generations about their actions online and behaviors toward video ads and social media use. The study found that these individuals are more 55% more likely to interact with ads with similar taste or style than ads featuring celebrities or people of the same age. In the past, some of the traditional methods of personalization include matching gender, age or names to create engagement, something that is currently losing steam.

The study also found that 44% of Generation Z dislike ads that are overly repetitive and only one in four claims that seeing an ad more than once helps them retain what is being advertised.

What is working? Humor and style. The study found that 56% of Generation Z females favor humor over celebrity-focused videos. And brands that present ads with a style that resonates with the younger audience have a greater chance of being liked.

Sources: Marketing Land, VidMob