New Report Shows Only 1% of Facebook Users Have Deleted Their Account

The recent developments regarding the Cambridge Analytica data scandal have not had an impact on the usage of Facebook. In fact, according to a new report and poll by Reuters/Ipsos, most users are keeping their accounts active daily.

At the end of April, the poll was conducted using a sampling of 2,000 social media users. One of the key questions asked in the poll was, “Have you changed how often you use Facebook recently?”

A whopping 74% of respondents stated that they use the platform at least once a day, with 26% stating they use it more than once a day and 49% stating their usage amount hasn’t changed. Of the users, 23% stated they have been using Facebook less in recent months, with 4% stating they stopped using it but they still have an account and only 1% stating they deleted their Facebook account.

Even with the negative press, Facebook recently announced in its earning’s statement that daily active users have increased 13% year over year to 1.45 billion and Facebook advertisers are not showing any signs of slowing down. For now, it seems that the social media platform isn’t only holding its own, but still experiencing growth.

Sources: Marketing Land, Reuters/Ipsos