Instagram Announces Easier Stories Advertising

Instagram has announced that advertising using “Stories” will now include automatic full-screen support. When an advertiser uploads a creative piece that is landscape or square, Instagram will automatically transform it to fit full screen.

These changes come after Stories went full-screen, causing Instagram advertisers the pain of using multiple creatives to run ads in different formats. Instagram states,

“When a business uploads a single photo or a video under 15 seconds within Instagram Feed aspect ratios, Instagram will automatically provide full-screen support for this content on Instagram Stories.”

Pixel matching technology will automatically select a background gradient that will turn the ad into a full screen formatted creative. Square or landscape ads’ text shows as text font below the photo or video.

To improve efficiency, the swipe up capabilities will allow advertisers to add a destination link to their stories ad, creating a seamless experience for consumers and advertisers alike.

To learn more, you can view Instagram’s full report.

Sources: Instagram, Marketing Land