How Marketing is Different Than Selling

Marketing isn’t sales and sales isn’t marketing. However, these two departments work together to generate leads and convert them into revenue for your business. With the ultimate goal of growing your business, marketing and sales create a partnership that produces results.

Sometimes, business owners confuse or believe that marketing IS selling or the other way around. Many times an organization has a Director of Marketing AND Sales, and this individual oversees the two departments. While you can’t successfully have one without the other, it’s important to know that they are not the same thing.

Learn how marketing is different than selling along with how to create a successful partnership between the two to grow your business.

Marketing Strategies and Goals

Marketing is about telling a story to your target market and educating them on why your product or service is exactly what they need. Your marketing strategy is a combination of creating the right messaging and serving it to your potential clients where they’ll see it online and offline.

Your business marketing goals may look like growing web traffic to a specific landing page to promoting a product or service.

The goal of a marketing campaign is to ultimately connect to your target market and send them to your website to purchase or book a call. Once a potential customer becomes a lead, the sales process kicks it.

Selling Strategies and Goals

Your sales process is converting the leads you receive from marketing into actual purchases. Every business should have a sales process and strategy to seamlessly convert leads that come in.

After the marketing campaign increases views of a landing or product page, the sales strategy is to ensure the views convert into a purchase. This might look like the user booking a consultation call or purchasing a product.

The sales goals are usually to convert a percentage of the marketing goals. For example, the marketing campaign’s goal is to gain 1,000 views of a landing page, and the sales goal is to convert 20% of those views to gain 200 leads.

The Marketing and Sales Partnership for Business Growth

Hopefully, you have an understanding of how marketing and sales are different, yet how important they are to each other. Once you can create a partnership between the two, you will notice your business grow.

Your business needs an effective marketing AND sales strategy to increase and convert leads. The marketing campaigns you create for your business should naturally flow right into your sales process.

Marketing Strategy and Support

If you’re ready to grow your marketing to support strong sales, let’s chat and see if we’re the right fit. We work with small to large businesses in creating an effective marketing strategy that generates more leads. Send us a message to start the conversation.