Google’s 5-Day Core Update Causes Major Losses & Wins

Google announced the beginning of the June 2019 core update on June 3rd, which wrapped up on June 8th. Due to Google’s many servers and data centers around the world, the updates do take time, with some taking weeks to complete. This update, however, has left many websites reeling with loss while others still are celebrating their new rank.

Websites such as Daily Mail and CCN reported huge losses after the update. CCN’s traffic tanked, dropping more than 71% on mobile overnight. This has resulted in CCN’s decision to close down their website. UK online publisher Daily Mail’s traffic decreased by half in less than a day.

While some feel burdened by the update, some websites are reaping its benefits. Some website owners are seeing ranking boosts as well as traffic increases by 30-40%.

It’s still a bit early to determine the entire impact of the June 2019 core update. As more insights become available, we’ll get a deeper look into how the algorithm shifted. Staying abreast to these changes allows us to improve our SEO strategies by understanding what Google defines as high-quality content.

Sources: Search Engine Land