Google Set to Launch Social App Called Shoelace

Google is looking to bring people together based on common interests and activities not just online, but in-person as well. Their new invite-only app will feature activities in specific regions such as games, shows and events, and then add people to what they call ‘loops’, which are the actual activities. The app will then reach out to these people using a specific algorithm and encourage them to meet up in real life.

If this app takes off and becomes popular, it could be a great digital marketing tool for brick-and-mortars and pop-up events. Featuring your business or event on this app could potentially break into a brand-new mobile / digital audience.

While Google is the most used search engine, their previous attempts at social networking platforms have not proven any success. Google+ was officially closed in 2018, and who remembers Google Wave a few years ago? Google Wave was also an invite-only platform that did not take off with social media users.

We will keep an eye on how Google Shoelace progresses over time, but in the meantime, you can request an invite to start a network in your region. This app is said to be a major competitor for the app, Nextdoor, so if you are familiar with Nextdoor, we encourage you to check it out. If this app proves to be a success, it means local businesses will be able to fully benefit from online marketing.