Google Releases New Ways to Use Google Optimize for Landing Pages

Google has recently released an integration between Google AdWords and Google Optimize that will help marketers test and create personalized landing pages.

Google states that Spotify, the world’s leading audio service is only one company who has been successful in using the integration. They found that audiobooks are being streamed more than music in Germany, so the company wanted to place emphasis on their wide selection of audiobooks. Using AdWords with Optimize 360, Spotify tested an audiobook landing page against a standard page. The custom landing page increased Spotify’s premium subscriptions by 24%.

You can connect AdWords to optimize in just a few simple steps thanks to Google’s updates. You can link multiple AdWords accounts at once, using the AdWords manager to link to Optimize. You can also now run one experiment with multiple keywords, even if they are from different campaigns. Google hopes that this new integration will improve A/B testing across the board.

Sources: Marketing Land, Google