Google Ads Keyword Planner Unleashes New Features

Google has unleashed a plethora of new features for Keyword Planner users. Some of these new updates, such as the “add to existing campaign” option, are older features now existing on the new Google Ads UI.

Among the features is the ability to add up to 10 seed keywords when you select “Find new keywords.” Plus, users can view their “grouped ideas” under a new menu option and choose to add all or some of the keywords to an existing or new ad group. Google has also added more monthly search detail, including the ability to see more detail in the monthly breakdown and search volume of individual keywords.

Some of the other features include adding new keywords to existing campaigns, a new competition column to show how competitive ad placement is for a keyword and daily budget suggestions for campaigns. Google hopes that the addition of these features to the new version of Keyword Planner will help advertisers save critical time.

Sources: Search Engine Land