Google Adds Voice Input to Mobile Web Search 

For Android phone users, using voice search on Google Chrome just got a lot easier. Although users could already use the Android keyboard microphone to search this way, there are some key differences with this latest addition from Google.

As in the past, Android users who visit will see a microphone icon inside the search field. Users can tap the microphone to see a new screen, showing that Google is listening to the voice query. Once complete, users will receive search results as normal, with one key difference: a spoken response. Queries such as “what’s the weather” will be answered with a spoken response while more generic questions will load silent results.

Why the change? Most Android users already have access to the Google Assistant from their Android home screen. This addition could be Google working to make all entry points to its search engine consistent. Plus, the addition of the microphone further “trains” people to interact using their voice, the future of search.

Sources: Search Engine Land, 9to5Google