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Facebook Implements Steps to Stop Political Interference

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his legal team have been working steadily to address the fake news and targeted ads coming from Russian entities over the past couple of years. And on October 2, Facebook published a press release speaking to its enforcement and transparency improvements surrounding its ads.

The release by Joel Kaplan, VP of Global Public Policy, highlighted the five steps Facebook will be taking to improve its ad and ad accounts:

  1. Making advertising more transparent.
  2. Strengthening enforcement against improper ads.
  3. Tightening restrictions on advertiser content.
  4. Increasing requirements for authenticity.
  5. Establishing industry standards and best practices.

According to Kaplan, “We care deeply about the integrity of elections around the world. We take responsibility for what happens on our platform and we will do everything we can to keep our community safe from interference.”

Read the full release for more details surrounding the five steps Facebook will be taking moving forward.