Facebook Announces Automated Campaign Budget Allocation System 

Facebook recently announced that as of September 2019, current and new ad campaigns will migrate to platform’s automated campaign budget allocation system. This system optimizes campaign budget across advertiser’s ad sets, preventing them from defining budgets at the ad set level.

Advertisers using Facebook will no longer be able to set budgets by ad set. Instead, advertisers will need to set budgets on a campaign level. According to Facebook, the change is to give advertisers better results at a lower cost by distributing a campaign budget based on the best performing ads.

Facebook will automatically distribute the budget in real-time to the top performing ad sets. According to Facebook, companies such as BuzzFeed have tested this tool for their own content ads, resulting in greater cost efficiency and simpler budget management.

If you advertise on Facebook, now is the time to prepare your long-term campaigns or campaigns that you’re planning for the fall for the switch.

Source: Marketing Land