Boost Your Sales With These Summer Promotions

Family celebration outside in the backyard. Big garden party. High angle view.

Warm air, a cool breeze and the promise of vacation make us crave the summer months. As more people venture outdoors and become busy sitting poolside, sales tend to slow for both retailers and service professionals.

If you’re already feeling the summer slump, rest assured there’s more you can do to pull in sales.

5 Summer Promotions to Boost Your Sales

The next few months offer plenty of opportunities to boost your sales through unique, summer-specific promotions.

1. Turn Up the Heat With Social Media

While your customers are enjoying the outdoors and family events, remember their phones are along for the ride. Social media is an amazing tool for promoting your products or services. A quick social media post or share is easy to manage and can be done while on the go.

For example, offer promotional incentives for customers who share a photo of your product on their social media. Or, give away one of your services to a customer who posts about their experience with you.

2. Don’t Forget the Summer Holidays

Summer is chock full of holidays such as Independence Day and Labor Day. Use these holidays to offer special promotions your customers wouldn’t otherwise receive. For example, offer a percentage off a service or run a buy-one-get-one promotion on your products for one day only.

Don’t forget the unique summer holidays. On National Handshake Day—which falls on June 30th—give your customers a percentage off when they come into your store for a handshake. On World Emoji Day on July 17th, run a social media giveaway that asks your followers to post their favorite emoji to win a product or service. Unique holiday promotions like these help your business stand out from the rest.

3. Attend Local Summer Festivities & Events

Summertime festivities and events are the perfect places to showcase your products and services to customers in your area. Plus, interacting face to face creates a memorable experience for your customer. The opportunities are endless for what you can offer at these events, from promotional items such as t-shirts to coupons and beyond.

4. Host Your Own Summer Event

Nothing brings in more potential customers than free entertainment. Try hosting your own summer event such as an outdoor festival or customer appreciation event. Visitors will be able to check out your products or learn more about your services while they enjoy your event. Offering a discount for new customers during the event can help boost sales even further.

Don’t forget to market your event on your social media, in your email newsletter and on your website.

5. Offer a Special, Summer-Only Discount

One of the easiest ways to boost your sales is by offering a special, summer-only discount on your products or services. Offering this type of discount creates urgency, forcing your customers to act quickly before its gone. Whether it’s a percentage off a product or a free initial service, make sure it’s compelling so your customers will want to take advantage of it.

Summertime Doesn’t Have to Mean Slow Sales

Although the summer months are known for being slow, steady and relaxing, your sales don’t have to be. To learn more about summer promotions for your products or services, send us a message.