Maximizing Your Ecommerce Presence for Greater Results

Establishing a new ecommerce presence, or improving upon an already existing one, can be one of the most impactful activities you can do to drive more sales for your business. If you sell products, it is practically expected in this day and age that you have an online retail presence. If not, you may quickly see your potential customers shop elsewhere and your past customer move on to competing brands that have online stores. We believe that a proper foundation is the place to start.

Whether you have a store already or are starting from scratch, we take the time to get to know your business and product inventory: How many products you have? What makes them unique and better than your competition? How often do your product features change or go up and down in price? Your answers to these and other questions will dictate our approach and the technology we suggest you use to handle your online orders.

Turn to our Greater Milwaukee-based marketing agency for the right strategy to maximize your ecommerce presence. From suggesting a totally new ecommerce design or simply improving your current store, we will provide you with the best strategy for your current situation. To learn more, contact our Legit Click team online or call us at 414-465-2285.

eCommerce Development Milwaukee

Services for Existing Stores

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand. You created and now maintain an online store. At this point, you may even be using paid advertising channels to drive traffic and product sales. But have you completely scaled all of your opportunities? Is your store converting as well as it can?

We prescribe to the notion that there is always room for improvement. Before any major actions take place, we take a full inventory and conduct a thorough review of your site’s shopping experience. For instance: What types of features do you have on your store? Do you have quick access to customer service and chat features? Does your store have proper product categories and search features? These are just a few of the areas we look at to ensure the ideal shopping experience.

Once we’ve completed our review, we will provide a complete list of recommendations. With your approval, we move forward and work with you to integrate, test, report and capitalize on the completed changes.

eCommerce Optimization

How You Can Drive More Sales

Your store is continuing to convert and you are starting to see solid results from a number of your marketing channels. Where do you go next? How can you continue to grow and drive more sales? This is the stage where we look at either introducing or optimizing your acquisition and retention channels.

Our goal is to identify the top performing channels that deliver the highest return on investment while continuing to manage programs that encourage repeat customers. Activities we start with include:

  • Paid search: Keyword-targeted ads enable you to reach customers who are directly searching for products like yours
  • Display advertising: Attract new and repeat business with well targeted banner, video and contextual ads
  • Affiliate advertising: Affiliates enable you to let other high-traffic sites sell your products
  • Social media advertising: Social keeps your customers engaged and talking about your products in a highly visible venue
  • Email marketing: Personalized emails help keep your customers informed and aware of your latest products and promotions
eCommerce Optimization Milwaukee

Request Your Free Marketing Analysis

Taking the next step, changing vendors, or just starting to expand your marketing activities can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Who can you trust? What should my budget be? These are among the most common questions that we see people asking when looking to make a change. Let us alleviate your concerns and help get you started—at no cost to you!.

We will conduct an introductory meeting with you to get to know you and review your current marketing efforts. From those meetings, we will prepare an analysis that helps identify your strengths, weaknesses and the opportunities that lie ahead with a vendor of your choosing. If you choose to work with us, great! In the end, we want you to be successful and find a partner who can help you today as well as several years down the road.  Learn more…

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