2020 Digital Marketing Musts

2020 Marketing Goal, Plan, Action

It’s a new year. In fact, it’s a whole new decade and a great time to evaluate your strategic marketing plan. The experts have been weighing in their 2020 predictions for the last year and now that it’s here, it’s time to take their advice and implement some new marketing strategies.

5 Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2020

Here are five digital marketing strategies that shouldn’t be missing from your 2020 marketing plan.

1. Educate with Content

Content has long been king and that isn’t about to change. So, it isn’t surprising that Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 trends found that 77% of B2B marketers use content marketing. It a good strategy to make sure you’re creating relevant, authoritative and educational content in 2020. Educational content is essential in nurturing leads and building trust. And don’t forget about your existing content. Make time to fresh the educational content you’ve already published with the latest information and update the date to reflect the newest revision to help with Google’s freshness ranking factor.

2. Personalized the Message

Although some predictions say personalization strategies will be abandoned by 2025, for the time, it remains a relevant strategy. But you need to go beyond simply adding the recipient’s name to your email greeting. Personalization in 2020 needs to dive further into your consumers mind and exploit their fears, wants and needs. Segmenting your audience by behavior is one way to gain greater insight into how they interact with your brand and allows you to form personalized communications based on their actions rather than demographics alone. This is one great way to stand out with relevant content that can make your consumers feel special in an oversaturated market.

3. Video

Video has been a popular digital marketing strategy for a while now. Not only does video create stronger bonds with consumers than any other medium, but the Google algorithm continues to favor websites with videos. Whether it’s tutorials, testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage, explainer videos or even live streaming, video is a must again for 2020.

4. Local SEO

For any business with a brick and mortar store or offering a service in a designated location, local SEO is must. Utilize tools such as Google My Business, a free business tool that allows you to manage your presence throughout all of Google, including search and maps. Optimizing your listing as well as creating regular posts and updates will help local SEO, drive more traffic and increase leads. Take it one step further with Google Local Service ads, an easy and cost-effective paid advertising option that targets only your local market and business industry. These ads build trust with the Google Guarantee and are pay per lead rather than click.

5. Prepare for Voice Search

There are now nearly 120 million smart speakers in U.S. homes with 40% of adults using mobile voice search at least once a day, so it’s no surprise that voice search is a trend for this year. It’s time to optimize content for voice queries and long-tail keywords as well as explore marketing and advertising opportunities with voice assistants.

Your 2020 Marketing Plan

Are you ready for this year? It’s time to prepare your business for the new decade by refreshing your digital marketing strategy. If you are looking to team up with a skilled marketing team to take advantage of these and other digital marketing strategies, send us a message and we’d be happy to see what we can do to help you achieve your 2020 business goals.