Why Did Your Latest PPC Campaign Fail?

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Is the money you’re putting into your PPC campaign worth it? You might be asking yourself this question after feeling the fire of a recent failed PPC campaign. You also might be trying your best to understand why a seemingly sound campaign failed at all. If this is you, you’re in good company.

3 Reasons Your PPC Campaign Might Fail You

Some brands that attempt to use PPC campaigns to market their products and services make common mistakes that fly under their radar. These mistakes can not only cost you cash but also qualified leads for your business.

1. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

How many times have you seen that word? If you market your business, you probably hear it daily. But, according to iSpionage, you could be wasting 76% of your budget on the wrong keywords. Yes, it’s true. And according to Disruptive Advertising, only 12% of keywords accounted for the sales of 2,000 AdWords accounts in their research.

The rest of your keywords? They’re draining your budget. Chances are you already know your best keywords. These are the ones you should focus on, instead of trying to bid on extras. Because although those extras might get you a few leads, they will lead to more unqualified leads than anything else.

2. Ad Copy That Simply Bores

Boring ad copy will never convert. Ad copy that is the same as everyone else’s won’t either. The ad copy you create for your PPC campaign should focus on the reader, their pain points and how your product or service can change their life. Consumers are actively seeking brands that understand them, not everyone else. Make it personal, loud and inspiring.

3. Your Audience Has No Idea Who You Are

Sure, a PPC campaign for a new brand can work. However, as a new brand, your chances of a successful PPC campaign increase as you receive followers and engagement online. If consumers don’t know you, they won’t click or buy.

Rand Fishkin, formerly of Moz, talks about the most common reason PPC campaigns fail: “You have to get known to your audience before you pour money into advertising. Meaning you need to invest in organic channels—content or SEO or press and PR or sponsorships or events, what have you, anything that can get your brand name and the names of your product out there.”

Is Your PPC Campaign Shortchanging You?

Have you spent more money than you care to admit on a PPC campaign that failed you? It happens to businesses every single day. From spending too much time and cash on the wrong keywords to advertising before it’s time, mistakes are often made. Your PPC campaign can be successful. To learn more about helpful PPC tactics, send us a message!