Twitter Tests New Reply Layout to Increase Engagement

Twitter is now experimenting with a new set of variations for tweet interactions and they are asking for feedback on their new mock-ups.

The mock-ups are just that: mock-ups preparing for finalization. Twitter is testing a couple different options right now. Through these options and the mock-ups, it appears a large emphasis is on tweet engagement and conversation.

New updates could result in threaded replies to individual responses, which would make it easier to see who’s responding to what tweet and separate reply. Color coding will also be available for responses from the original poster and yourself, highlighting key replies. Green dots could be used on profile images to show which users are currently active to improve real-time engagement.

When the Twitter product manager, Sara Haider, posted the mock-ups on Twitter, various users chimed in with their thoughts asking for scrollable and collapsible replies, visible timestamps, typing indicators and more.

It’s not yet determined when we might see some of these changes take place. For now, Twitter is experimenting and asking its users for feedback to improve.

Sources: Social Media Today