Twitter Rolls Out a Redesign

With the hopes of making a more seamless sync between mobile and desktop, Twitter has rolled out a redesign. One of the main focuses was user experience based on what their users were asking for and what frustrations they had with the platform. Twitter is currently used for marketing campaigns including Twitter Chats and networking boasting over 320 million users worldwide.

Twitter now allows for a more customizable experience, letting users change their profiles to look and feel how they want it. This also includes 4 viewing modes which has become increasingly more popular and includes light, dim, lights out and dark modes for easier viewing.

A bookmarks link has been added allowing users to save tweets and revisit them at a later time, and a new ‘explore’ page has been incorporated for easier content searching. This is great for businesses using Twitter for their digital marketing campaigns and encourages more users to engage with content.

Multiple account logins have always been a struggle for users, and Twitter listened when their users complained. Switching between multiple accounts on both desktop and mobile is now faster and easier than ever. Direct messages have been merged and are now accessible in one easy spot on the site.

With these new rollouts, Twitter has made it even easier to get a social media marketing campaign easily in place.