Twitter Launches New Features for Lists

Twitter just added two new features for Twitter Lists. They announced to users in a recent Tweet that they are now able to share lists with a card on Twitter for iOS and Android, eliminating the long URLs and replacing them with a picture. Users will also see suggested accounts to add to a list based on the list’s title or who’s already on it.

Both these updates come as part of Twitter’s efforts to focus on improving content discovery and engagement. By helping users find more relevant tweet content, Twitter hopes to keep them more engaged.

What does this mean for marketers? It could mean an expanded user base. Non-users still find the tweet process intimidating and since Twitter is more about following interests, rather than family and friends, that initial gap between starting out and becoming an engaged user is a unique challenge Twitter faces. An increased focus on lists is one-way Twitter is addressing this. It also means that if you use lists for your business on Twitter, you may be able to grow your lists to effectively target and engage the customers and influencers who matter the most to your business. The more popular lists are the more effective they become as marketing tools.

Sources: Twitter, Social Media Today