Snapchat in the Spotlight Due to Unique Audience & Ad Reach

Snapchat, a social networking site that also provides for direct messaging between users, caught the eye of many this week with news about its unique audience.

In a study of Snapchat users, App Annie found that a majority of Snap’s 178 million users do not use other platforms on any given day. Here are App Annie’s specific results:

  • 40% of Snapchatters do not use Facebook on a given day
  • 48% of Snapchatters do not use Instagram on a given day
  • 63% of Snapchatters do no use Messenger on a given day
  • 81% of Snapchatters do not use Twitter on a given day
  • 92% of Snapchatters do not use WeChat on a given day

This report came days before Snapchat announced a new ad platform for advertisers to use. Advertisers will now find a Sponsored section available to them in Snap’s Stories tab. Within a Promoted Story, an advertiser may include no less than three and more than 10 Snaps. For advertisers looking to reach a unique audience, albeit one smaller than Facebook or Instagram Stories, Snapchat appears to be a potentially highly viable option.

Sources: App Annie, Social Media Today, Marketing Land