Search Outpaces Social in Delivering Website Traffic

According to new data from Shareaholic, search drove more traffic to website than social did in 2017. This is the first time that search has outpaced social media in delivering website traffic since 2014. Specifically,

  • Search traffic delivered 34.8% of website traffic.
  • Social delivered 25.6% of website referrals.

At the lead of search referral traffic was Google. Even with a significant drop in percentage points, Facebook led the way for social referrals in 2017. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all working their way up the referral ladder, with Instagram making great leaps and bounds over the past year.

Shareaholic, a content marketing platform, describes itself as being “the preferred discovery, amplification and engagement platform for more than 300,000 websites, representing one of the largest and fastest growing networks of websites.” Visit the source links below for more information about Shareaholic and its website traffic report.

Source: Search Engine Land; Shareaholic