The Search & Browser Preferences of Mobile Users

Virtual assistants are beginning to impact Google’s dominance in search engine usage. According to Fivesight Research’s new study, “US Consumer Search Preferences Smartphone & Desktop: Q1 2017,” Siri is making a large dent in Google’s usage on iPhones.

Smartphone users reported that their primary search engine of choice is Google, coming in at 90 percent for Android users and 78% for iOS users. A large percentage of iOS users, 13%, state that Siri is now their search engine of choice. Siri is also making strides in other arenas, showing that it has a higher adoption rate than other virtual assistants currently available.

Google’s Chrome browser remains the search engine of choice for a majority of Android users (76%). Approximately 78% of iOS users turn to Safari for their browser needs.

Source: Search Engine Land