Recent Changes in Search for Ads & Their Effect on Your PPC Campaigns

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Known for changing their search algorithms, Google, Bing and other search engines update 500-to-600 times each year. Often these changes are subtle, without much cause for change involving PPC campaigns. But, recently, some these changes have been quite large and call for a need for change in PPC strategy.

Beyond the algorithm, there are more recent changes in search that may change the way PPC campaigns work altogether. We are beginning to see machine learning and increased safety standards for search on the horizon. Some of these updates have already occurred and some updates will take place later this year.

Google AdWords’ Ad Rank Algorithm Change

This past April, AdWords introduced a new component to its Ad Rank Formula. For past PPC campaigns, an ad’s position was determined by a keyword’s quality score and its max CPC bid. Now, Google has created Ad Extensions to help break ties between competing ads.

For example, two ads have the same bid and the same quality score. However, one ranks higher due to the potential impact from extensions. This ad will receive the higher ranking. AdWords’ change will increase your ad’s competition cross the search engine. It also means that your ads will require ad extensions to remain competitive. The good news is they are easy to set up.

Bing’s Weapon-Related and Cryptocurrency Ad Changes

Bing’s new search algorithm will begin banning weapon-related ads in July of this year. They have also recently begun prohibiting cryptocurrency ads from the platform. More changes will be coming down the pipeline as safety standards update across the board.

For your PPC campaigns, it is important that you stay up-to-date with these changes. Keywords and other factors could be affected as more changes come our way.

Google AdWords’ Responsive Search Ads

Google has announced that its AdWords’ Responsive Search Ads are in beta. To participate, all you must do is set up one ad, create multiple headlines with descriptions, and Google will test the combinations for you.

These new ads were built with more space than your typical text ad with up to three headlines and two 90-character descriptions instead of one 80-character description. By using responsive search ads, you have the capability to adapt your message to each customer’s search scenario.

Need Help With Creating a Strong PPC Campaign?

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