Promote Your Business on Pinterest for Major Results

The social media channel Pinterest is more than just pretty pictures on digital boards. Pinterest allows users to dream, plan, and feel inspired by finding the right content when they need it.

According to Pinterest, 77% of Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest, and 84% of Pinners come to Pinterest when they’re undecided about what to buy.

Learn more about why Pinterest is right for your business and four different Pins you can start creating to drive traffic to your website.

Is Pinterest Right for My Business?

With so many social media channels, sometimes business owners wonder if they need another one. Pinterest may not have been on your radar, but we want to share two reasons why you should consider adding this powerful social media channel.

Pinterest is a powerful search engine that 250 million people use every single month. The SEO possibilities are incredible with Pinterest, and you can share content that your potential customers are directly looking to find.

The life of a Pin is 1600x longer than a Facebook post. Publishing posts in the Facebook Newsfeed has a shelf-life of approximately 24 hours while a Pin has a shelf-life of 30 days or more. This is partly due to Pinterest’s search engine capabilities, and the overall structure of the website is to browse content.

Promote Your Business with These Three Pins Ideas

The next question is, what can you post on Pinterest to start driving traffic back to your website. These four ideas are likely already on your website and ready to be created into a Pin!

1. Pin Your Products

If you have products on your website, Pins are a great way to generate interest and drive traffic to your online store. Create your product Pins using high resolutions photos and use the Pinterest capture to the attention of your potential customer, not necessarily direct selling.

2. Services

Don’t sell products? You can create Pins based on your services. Again, you’re not necessarily directly selling your services. Think about creating a Pin that captures the attention of a user and promotes the solution to their problem. Create something a user wants to Pin and revisit. 

3. Blog Posts

Informational, educational, and how-to blog posts make great Pins! Create blog posts that answer questions, solve problems, and provide step-by-step solutions. Add the blog title and a brief, catchy caption to your Pin for optimized searchability.

4. Freebies and Downloads

Create free download PDFs or freebies that your potential customer would find useful and relevant. Remember Pins have a nice long shelf-life! If you create an optimized Pin promoting your download, you’ll gain RePins and views for a month or more.

Pinterest for Your Business

Ready to start growing your web traffic and making sales with Pinterest? Start here and create a Business Pinterestaccount. If you need support in creating and executing a social media strategy, remember The Three C’s of Social Media Marketing Strategy.