PPC Strategy 101: The Importance of Targeting the Right Audience

red dart on target audience

When you think about your overarching marketing strategy and optimizing your PPC campaigns, keywords are all the buzz. But what if we told you that keywords should not be your only focus? In truth, your PPC campaign relies on a targeted audience strategy for the ultimate ROI.

Even the most carefully chosen keywords are targeting your audience as a whole. Just like keywords, all of your users are individuals with their own unique search habits. This is where a PPC audience strategy makes all the difference.

What Is a PPC Audience Strategy?

You may be familiar with the four P’s of marketing: Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion. And although these seem to revolve around the product or service you offer, they should really revolve around your target audience.

A PPC audience strategy is a marketing tool that defines your audience and aligns your PPC marketing to fit. It takes into consideration your audience’s demographics and search habits to best market your offering through your PPC campaigns.

  • What device is your target audience using the most?
  • What keyword phrases are they using for search?
  • What unique need does your product or service satisfy for your audience?

Answering these questions will ensure you have a successful PPC audience strategy in place.

Hit the Bullseye by Targeting the Right Audience

Why is targeting so essential for business success? Generic messages for the masses will not resonate with your buyer in the same way direct communication can. Only the highest quality leads are generated from targeted campaigns.

The first step in creating a targeted PPC audience strategy is to identify your ideal audience. This can be done in just a few simple steps.

  • Identify your audience’s needs. Take a few minutes to think about your product or service. What problems do you solve? What does an audience who needs your product to solve a problem look like? The key is to be as specific as possible.
  • Create an audience persona. A persona is a collection of demographics, behaviors and motivations that create a picture of your target audience. Create a persona of your audience by listing their needs, product preferences, lifestyle, motivations to purchase a product, and basic demographics such as age and location. What makes your customer an individual? This customer will be the one you will want your PPC strategy to target first.

Your target audience is a collection of individuals who will benefit the most from what you offer. Targeting this audience with your PPC campaigns will generate better leads and increased conversion rates.

Need Help Finding Your Ideal Audience?

Feel as if your target audience is escaping you? Your PPC campaign should be directed to those who need you the most. Reach out to Legit Click Media today for help in discovering who and how to target. Learn more by calling 414-465-2285 or contact us online.