Pinterest Publishes Report Highlighting How Women Use the Platform

Pinterest recently released a report on its blog about how well it reaches an audience it calls “the Deciders.” The Deciders are women between the ages of 25 and 54 who “make the majority of purchase decisions in US households.” These Deciders:

  • Make 80% of household purchases
  • Control 50%+ of US wealth

Pinterest reaches 83% of all Deciders in the US. And according to its data, Pinterest found the following:

  • 85% of Deciders use Pinterest to plan small or big life moments
  • 78% of Deciders say brand content helps them bring ideas to life
  • 77% of Deciders on Pinterest are primary grocery shoppers
  • 67% of Deciders use Pinterest to find brand-led style ideas

Says Pinterest, its reach exceeds that of Instagram, Snap and Twitter. And while 85% of Deciders use Pinterest to plan life moments, only 53% use Facebook and 44% use Instagram.

Sources: Social Media Today, Pinterest