New Survey Shows Amazon Is the Place to Advertise for the Holidays

Although it’s no secret that Amazon is number one for online shopping within the U.S., a new survey shows that Amazon is the preferred holiday shopping destination by more than 3-to-1. This survey, conducted by Survata, found that 80.1% of those surveyed planned to use Amazon for their holiday shopping this year.

Walmart followed second at 56.7%. Surprisingly, Google was found to be the preferred shopping method of only 26.1%, the lowest besides Etsy at 9.4%. The survey also found that from a traffic standpoint, mobile devices will drive more visits than the desktop.

What does this mean for marketers? Ad campaigns should remain flexible enough to change as the atmosphere changes. They must be ready to address consumers across platforms. Websites should be mobile-friendly and marketers should have Amazon ads on their radar if not in use already.

Source: Marketing Land