New Survey Results Show Impact of Ecommerce Website Design

Clutch, an online space for buyers to find business services, software and consultants, recently published results from its ecommerce survey. This survey included 1,000 consumers who made purchases online.

The top five features appear to make the greatest impact on shoppers:

  • 29% of consumers believe the words used to describe an item is the most important factor in helping them make a purchase.
  • 27% of consumers preferred product pictures as their top factor in helping them make a purchase
  • 18% of consumers rely predominantly on customer reviews.
  • 31% of consumers believe ecommerce websites should provide shipping cost calculators.
  • 29% of consumers request stored credit card information to make purchases easier.

Clutch’s survey also highlighted the fact that a high number of shoppers make impulse purchases:

  • 60% of consumers complete their purchases within the same day.
  • 40% of consumers do not compare products to make faster purchases.

To learn more, read the results on the Clutch website.

Sources: Clutch; MarketingProfs