New Survey Concludes a Boom Is Happening in Content Marketing

New research conducted by New York City-based business-intelligence firm Advertiser Perceptions suggests that content marketing’s momentum remains strong and growing. A third of custom-content marketers increased their spending this year compared to last year, while 53% are spending the same and only 8% are spending less.

This new research was compiled in late August and includes responses from more than 300 marketers. Randy Cohen, the CEO of Advertiser Perceptions states,

“This part of the marketplace is not going away. There is optimism. More people are trying to fit content into what they’re doing.”

On the list of preferred formats, 51% of the marketers stated that digital native advertising is preferred including content-based advertising and digital ads. Thought leadership and custom print followed second. Out of all the respondents, their main objective behind content marketing was found to be brand awareness for businesses they represent.

The study concludes that content marketing is here to stay and should be a priority for all businesses, no matter their size.

Source: Forbes