[New Survey] Concerns Exist Over Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a rising trend among many businesses looking to save time. For some, however, it’s seen as a rival against a more personal connection between brands and consumers. The folks at Social Media Today have released their survey, State of Marketing Automation, where more than 300 people responded with their perspectives and insights about marketing automation.

In the first half of the survey, 75% of the 300 respondents stated they use marketing automation tools. The second half of the report details why those who are not using automation tools are concerned about doing so. The report found that the majority of respondents were concerned about the lack of personal connection.

Will automation tools be able to live up to customers’ expectations? This is the main concern of most marketers steering clear of automation for the time being. Social Media Today states,

“That seems to be where the key question currently lies—at present, you’d have to say that not all can do this successfully, but advances in chatbots, for example, have moved more in this direction, providing personalized, immediate responses which are relevant to the questions being asked.”

Source: Social Media Today