New Study Shows 74% of Businesses Have At Least One Review on Google

A recent study conducted by BrightLocal found that 74% of businesses have at least one Google review. The study looked at over 93,0000 business reviews in Google and analyzed their star ratings, their ratings in Google local and more. The study also found that the average local business has 39 Google reviews.

A large percentage, 61%, of local businesses have an average star rating of four to five stars and on average, local businesses have a 4.4-star rating on Google local. The survey found that businesses in the hospitality sector have the largest number of reviews. The fewest number of reviews can be found for accountants, landscapers and senior living services.

It’s important to know that businesses who encourage their customers to leave reviews have a relationship with how well they rank on Google local. With this in mind, these insights could show businesses in these sectors the impact of their Google reviews on their marketing strategy.

Source: Search Engine Land