New Report Identifies Most Effective Paid-Search Ads

A new report by Clutch has found that the most effective paid-search ads are those that directly answer searchers’ queries. In fact, one-third of consumers clicked on paid-search ads that directly answered their searches. This report was based on data from a survey of 506 people who clicked on an online paid search ad within the past month.

Out of the remainder of those surveyed, 26% said that the top reason they click is because the ad mentions familiar brands. Another 20% said it’s because the ads appear ahead of organic search results, and 19% said the ads have compelling titles, descriptions or images.

Out of the consumers taking part in the survey, 63% say that Google ads are the search ads they click on most, while 14% say Amazon ads are the top choice. A whopping 49% of consumers say they click on text ads most often, 31% say they click on product or shopping ads most and 16% say they click on video ads most.

Surveys such as this one by Clutch help marketers discern what ads produce better results than others. Based on this survey and others, Google Ads is still taking over the world of PPC.

Sources: Marketing Profs