New Bing Ads UI Updates Looking to Make Bulk Analysis Easier

Bing Ads has announced new UI updates to make bulk analysis and changes easier than before within ad campaigns. The first change makes it easier to adjust location target settings such as bid adjustments in bulk, across campaigns. This change will allow users to view the targets that are set in all campaigns in one place.

These updates come after discovering users had to run a complete geographic report to see the performance of their location targets. Each campaign also had to be individually changed, creating tedious work for the user. Now, these changes can be made in bulk and the location targets are easy to view.

The second change involves dimensions. There are more metrics such as age, gender, ad spend and revenue. Reports can be filtered and adjusted using the columns shown in the reporting section. This change is set to help advertisers pull reports on their campaigns easier and with more data.

To learn more about these changes, read Bing’s report.

Sources: Search Engine Land