Making Sense of Instagram’s Latest Updates

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Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms, in part due to Facebook’s perpetual data privacy issues and in part to the perpetually expanding allure of visual content. In June of this year, Instagram hit the coveted one billion monthly user milestone.

Some of Instagram’s success can be attributed to the number of updates and innovation the platform offers in a constant stream. Most recently, we saw the addition of IGTV and numerous other Stories updates benefiting marketers and advertisers. So, how can these updates benefit you?

Music Enhances IG’s Storytelling Capabilities

Instagram Stories are effective because of their engaging quality. They are creativity and personality, all rolled into one tool. Now, Instagram has added music to the Stories functions. By clicking on a music icon in the stickers section, users can place a tune of their choice into their video or image.

Music is communication on a deeper level. It’s the perfect catalyst for storytelling, something you want to take advantage of in your content marketing efforts. That short update about your new blog post just got a lot more interesting and relatable to your audience by adding a musical touch.

Engage With Your Audience By Asking Questions

Social media is best used for engaging with your audience. Instagram has introduced question stickers for Stories, adding another tool for audience engagement. You can place a question sticker into your story, giving your audience a chance to reply. The best part? You’ll be able to see all their responses privately and immediately.

  • Want your audience’s opinion on your newest post? Ask them!
  • Want to know what your audience wants from your content? Ask them!

Content on Instagram is quick and easy to create and even faster for your audience to use. User engagement helps builds trust in your brand and builds relationships with your audience.

Learn From the IGTV Creator’s Handbook

One of the latest updates comes straight from the brilliant minds behind the platform. It is the IGTV Creators Handbook, an official 50-page guide on how to use the platform with a ton of best practices. Included in the handbook is a list of apps that will enhance your experience and your content. The guide is completely downloadable and the perfect resource for learning how to be productive with your IG content.

Get the IGTV Creators Handbook now!

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