Looking Beyond Facebook: Where Else Should You Invest Your Marketing Dollars?

people holding up signs with different social media logo icons

In 2018, 90% of mobile phone users accessed Facebook. Social media is at the top of the list for mobile activities in the U.S. So, sure, Facebook is going nowhere. But Facebook isn’t the only social media platform out there.

Knowing who is using social media and how to reach them is a complex task. There are countless platforms available, each serving a different purpose.

The Most Popular Social Media Sites

With over two billion users worldwide, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform on the planet. Its strength is in its versatility. Whether you want to share photos of your grandkids or check out the new Mexican restaurant down the street, Facebook gives you quick and easy access.

The remaining top platforms all use specialized functions to cater to a more specific crowd:

  • Instagram focuses on images and video.
  • Twitter creates a chain of short, concise conversations.
  • LinkedIn is essentially Facebook for the employment world.
  • Snapchat appeals to young people with its temporary image tweaking capabilities.
  • YouTube is the go-to media platform for individuals of all ages who seek a more video-centric experience.

Has Facebook Peaked?

Despite its presence, many feel Facebook has reached its peak of popularity. Its membership has dropped slightly; but more significantly, the time members spend on Facebook has dropped.

The reasons are complex and many. Social media, due to the last election and its global monopolization of information, is experiencing a lack of consumer trust. Compound that with many of Facebook’s data scandals as of late. As the government investigates political sabotage and big tech domination of U.S. markets, users seem uncertain about its future.

Who’s Using Social Media?

The market you want to reach could dictate where your social media marketing dollars go. While Facebook’s use has leveled off, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube have experienced continued growth in users.

The reason for the growth of these other platforms is due to use by teens and young adults. Reaching a younger demographic could mean diversifying your marketing efforts to different platforms.

Brand Loyalty

An important factor to consider is brand loyalty. Data shows that Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users visit those sites daily. Knowing where and how to reach your demographic in order to pinpoint your efforts makes good marketing sense.

Legit Click Media Knows Social Media

Social media may be in a state of flux, but it’s not going away. Navigating all the options and staying abreast of new contenders is a daunting task.

Let us help you assess where to best target your social media marketing budget. Our team of professional marketers will analyze your needs, plan how best to market your business and monitor the results to keep you on top of the social media world. Call or contact us today.