LinkedIn Discovers 5 Steps Needed to Build a Brilliant Brand on Social Media

Earlier this month, LinkedIn published a simple, five-step checklist to help you achieve social media marketing success. LinkedIn used its “Live with Marketers” podcast series, dedicating an entire episode to the intricacies of winning the social media game, to uncover what exactly it is that makes for social media success.

LinkedIn boiled down what it discovered into five an easy to digest areas. The simplified steps are:

  1. Identify Your Brand’s Purpose
  2. Develop a Voice, Tone & Point of View
  3. Post Often
  4. Consider Context and Value-Add
  5. Iterate and Optimize

Could it be possible that social media marketing success is just five easy steps away? Well, there is a lot more strategy that goes into each of these steps, but this is a solid outline. You can get the rest of LinkedIn’s insights here.

Sources: LinkedIn, Social Media Today