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LinkedIn Announces Sweeping Updates to Desktop Experience

On January 19, LinkedIn announced that it is beginning to roll out its redesigned desktop experience to all users. According to LinkedIn:

These changes put more emphasis on helping you be more productive and stay ahead in your career.

Many of the user-oriented changes focus on streamlining the interface to make each element stand out more on its own. This includes adding industry news updates to the top-right corner of the browser, breaking out your personal data to the top-left corner, and placing the new update prompt up-front-and-center on your screen. Andrew Hutchinson, a writer for SocialMediaToday, likens LinkedIn’s updates to Facebook’s layout:

The new update prompt is similar to Facebook, while you also have a ‘Trending News’ section in the top right, again similar to The Social Network. That’s not such a bad approach – Facebook has more than a billion people logging onto it every day, so it’ll definitely add a level of familiarity.

While the rollout officially began yesterday, LinkedIn states that it will take a few weeks to reach all of its members around the globe.