Instagram Rolls Out In-App Checkout for Brands

Instagram has begun to roll out an in-app checkout feature for a select number of e-commerce brands. This will allow users to purchase products without ever leaving the Instagram app. Currently, the launch includes 23 brands including Dior, MAC Cosmetics and Adidas.

For brands that use Instagram to market their products, this update could shorten the customer journey from discovery to final purchase. The app places a “Checkout on Instagram” button for a user to click and a product tag within an image. Purchasing information is saved within Instagram, which allows users to buy products via the checkout button quickly. Additionally, orders can be managed through the app.

According to Instagram, the number of users that tap on product tags in the app every month has grown from 90 million last September to 130 million now. Brands will now be able to take advantage of this growth through the new in-app purchase ability. For now, Instagram is planning to expand the roll out in the next few months.

Sources: Marketing Land