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Innovative Partnership Increased Retail Store’s Conversion Rates by 75%

PlaceIQ announced details of a successful venture it undertook with Appboy to increase customer conversions and revenues for retailer Urban Outfitters. Specifically, the partnership between PlaceIQ and Appboy increased Urban Outfitter’s conversion rate by 75% and its revenue rates by 146%.

PlaceIQ is a company focused on building a new model of customer behavior tied to location data. Appboy is a marketing and engagement platform. Together, the two created a unique model of interacting with consumers based on offline mobile phone location data. They then used this data to gather insights and create segmented connections between consumer’s offline experiences and online interactions with the retailer.

The key learning from this partnership, according to Marketing Land, is that “location data from PlaceIQ outperformed online signals alone.” E-commerce and bricks-and-mortar companies can use this announcement as a case study to approach everything increased user interactions to attribution modeling.