How to Leverage Your Website to Reach a Local Audience

Man at coffee shop looking at computer

Having a polished website is a key aspect of reaching your local audience. In fact, 97% of users use search to find local businesses, meaning it is essential that you have a website for them to find on search engines. While having solely a Facebook page or Google Business listing may work for some small businesses, having an actual website can boost your credibility, make your business information more accessible, and increase your search ranking. 

Of course, with creating a website, it isn’t as simple as launching your website. There are strategies you can use to position your business website to reach your targeted local audience. Let’s uncover several ideas on how to reach a local audience with your website.

Incorporate Locally Focused Keywords

When trying to reach a local audience with your website, it is important to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, meaning that people can easily find your website using Google or other search engines. One way to do this is by incorporating keywords that are going to resonate with a local audience and target specific locations.

For instance, let’s say you own a coffee shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It would make sense to incorporate keywords that search engines will pick up when people search for coffee shops in your area. Several keyword ideas in this case would be:

  • Green Bay, Wisconsin, Coffee Shop
  • Coffee shop in Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Coffee Green Bay WI

There are many free and paid keyword tools that you can use to generate keywords that might be of interest to your industry and specific region. Then, you can use these keywords when drafting your website copy. 

Use Images That Are Familiar to Your Area

Incorporating images of local landmarks can help you resonate with your local audience. It is also a way for them to instantly recognize that you are local to a specific area. For instance, if you are a business based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you might include a photo of the downtown skyline or the shores of Lake Michigan. Even better if you can combine images of your industry with a local flair. This could include your employees at a local retreat or your staff meeting with a client in a familiar landscape. 

When using images, be mindful of copyright laws. Several ways to legitimately incorporate photos include:

  • Taking the photos yourself or hiring a local photographer who will give you rights to use the images
  • Sourcing photos from websites with Creative Commons licenses, such as Pexels
  • Purchasing the rights to use professional photos whether it be reaching out to the photographer or buying through a website like iStock

Make Your Location Known

Many website builders allow you to embed a Google map to your website. Along with listing your address information on your contact page, having an actual map can help users gain a better idea of your location. You can also incorporate your location on the footer of your website, along with your homepage. 

Use Regional Terms That Resonate With Your Audience

Using local jargon or ways of speaking can help you connect with your audience. This is especially true if you have a business where you can have a bit of fun with it. For example, Wisconsinites might get a kick out of phrases like “ope,” “you guys,” and “you betcha.” Showing that you understand local dialects establishes your business in a specific locality and fosters a sense of community with your clientele. 

Highlight Local Sponsorships and Events 

If your business is attending or sponsoring any local events, share this information on your website and include the address. Not only can this improve your SEO, it can also give people a chance to meet up with you in real life. Consider including this information on a blog, news section, or header. 

There are many ways to showcase yourself as a local business or employer, and as you can see, having a website is a great place to get started. If you need website design services or help with your SEO, get connected with us today here or by calling 920-214-4025.