Google Users Can Now Mute Repetitive Remarketing Ads

Ad remarketing allows website owners the ability to directly target ads at people who visited their websites without taking any action. Remarketing, or retargeting, has been a popular way to reach a specific, interested audience. But, as of yesterday, Google updated its settings to allow users to block remarketing ads.

Says Google, users can now go into their Ad Settings, formerly called Ads Preferences Manager, and mute “reminder ads in apps and on websites that partner with us to show ads.” The muting of any ad blocks that advertiser for a period of 90 days. Says Jon Krafcik, group product manager of data privacy and transparency at Google,

We’re committed to building the products that put you in control of your data today, and into the future.

For advertisers who rely on remarketing ads to get customers to buy their products, this may prove a new challenge.

Source: Search Engine Journal, Google