Google Updates Featured Snippets & Knowledge Panel

Google announced several content updates to its search results involving featured snippets, knowledge panel and related topics.

  • Featured snippets, which are summaries relating to user queries that appear at the top of Google’s search results, is receiving two updates. The first involves the inclusion of more images within the snippets. The second involves the addition of related searches. These enhancements are only rolling out to select searches at this time.
  • Knowledge panel, the location of a business’s information within a search result, received its own update. Users will now start seeing related searches of what other people search for within a business’s knowledge panel.
  • Related topics, is a new carousel of topics that may appear after a user runs multiple searches regarding similar items. Google will automatically create the related topics carousel, which will appear at the top of the search result page.

This rollout occurred on December 7 and was released to all users.

Source: Search Engine Journal