Google Makes 3 Big Update Announcements

Three big announcements concerning Google made the news this week. These three items touch its home-based and web-based products:

  • Google Ad Blocker: Google has decided to create its own ad-blocker program that you can use on Google Chrome. The blocker will turn on by default, and will stop unacceptable forms of ads such as pop ups and video ads with sound that play automatically.
  • Google Analytics: Many efforts are underway to make the Google Analytics system easier to use. Those updates include a new “Home” page and a new “Discover” feature that lets you take better advantage of experiences and enhancements you can use to optimize your Analytics account.
  • Google Home: On a different Home front, Google Home now supports up to six different users within a single account. This will enable it to provide personalized responses based on the person interacting with the system.

For more information on these updates, read the announcement round-up on Social Media Today.