Google Launches Free Google Attribution Tool

Google announced the beta launch of Google Attribution this week in advance of its annual event, Google Marketing Next. This tool is free to all, which Google states will help marketers “measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels – all in one place.” The biggest goals of this release are to eliminate the reliance on last-click attribution while providing a more user-friendly tool.

Google’s press release quoted Karl Villanueva, head of paid search and display, had this to say about Google Attribution:

“Given today’s multi-device landscape, cross-channel measurement and attribution is indispensable for HelloFresh to have a 360º panorama of our customer journey and gives us the best data to make the best decisions.”

Google also has a paid version of this tool, Attribution 360, which remains available to users as part of Google’s Analytics 360 suite.

To learn more about Google Attribution, review the news release on Marketing Land.