Google Debuts Shoppable Image Ads Ahead of the Holidays

For advertisers on Google, attracting new customers just become even easier than before. This week, Google announced two new ad formats for retail and brand advertisers ahead of the holiday season. These formats will deliver unique shopping experiences on third-party websites, in Google Image search and Google search.

One addition is the ability to add video into Showcase Shopping ads, a feature that Google added last year. Videos can be displayed in the featured image position. After clicking on the ad, the video will play in full at the top of the Google-hosted landing page. According to Google, the top showcase slot drives 3.6 times higher than average click-through rate.

Through Google Image search, the company is releasing Shoppable Image ads. Clicking on a tag icon in the Shoppable Image ad on a third-party site will bring up a carousel of product listing ads with similar products. These are large units on Image search, each product labeled with prices.

Currently, Google is slowly rolling out each of these tools, hoping they reach their potential over the next year.

Source: Search Engine Land