Google Announces New Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads & More

During Google Marketing Live 2019 on Monday, Google made some big announcements regarding new features for Google ads. One of the most talked about announcements involves new Discovery ads. You can now create Discovery ads to place within the Discover feed, which currently reaches 800 million users around the globe, on Google’s mobile home page or the Google app.

According to Brad Bender, Google’s VP of Product Management, these ads are meant to use the “power of intent.” Google uses signals from a consumer’s past site visits, videos watched and more to discover intent—the same signals used for in-market audience targeting. Google will then optimize the best performing combinations of ad copy and assets using machine learning. The new Discovery ads will become available later this year, worldwide.

Gallery ads—scrollable galleries with four to eight images at the top of mobile search results—were also part of the new feature list. According to Google, these ads saw 25% more interactions than other search ad units and will compete with other ad formats for placement at the top of the results. Although they’re not available for desktop, it could be coming down the pipeline.

Other features including new inventory options for Showcase Shopping ads, app deep linking and reporting for Google Ads and Google Shopping redesign were also announced on Monday.

Sources: Google Marketing Live 2019, Search Engine Roundtable