Google Ads Reps to Start Making Changes to Client Accounts

desktop showing printed pay per click results, a tablet, highlighters, post-it notes and a keyboard

Recently published on Search Engine Land, Google Ads Reps may soon be making direct changes to Google AdWords accounts if advertisers don’t opt out. “We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business” is the headline in the email some advertisers are using, according to Search Engine Land.

This may seem like a great benefit for businesses managing their own ads or paying management fees to agencies; however, we remain somewhat skeptical since Google stands to gain from additional ad spend that may occur. Also, did you know that Google can now overspend daily campaign budgets by as much as 2x. Another article on Search Engine Land explains this in more detail. We’ll be curious to see how these two changes work together when both in practice.

Given the above, we suggest that you keep an eye on any emails you or your clients receive from Google pertaining to this most recent update. Google AdWords campaigns are often setup by the client or agency managing them in a certain way to meet specific business objectives that may not always be understood by a Google rep, who often rotates to different accounts and may have a limited understanding of the respective business model or objectives.