Google Adds “Join Waitlist” Button to Restaurant Profile Pages 

Google has now added a “join waitlist” button to selected local restaurant profile pages. For restaurants to use the new capability, they must have a DineTime account, the company providing the new functionality. The button is currently in the same location as the original “reserve a table” button.

When clicked, the button allows users to see current wait times. They can then input their party size, confirm their contact information and then receive a text updating them on the current status of their table. DineTime also works with Alexa, meaning booking a table is a capability for both virtual assistants and smart speakers.

Although online booking for restaurants and other small to medium-sized businesses has taken several years to gain speed, functionality such as the DineTime button could improve adoption. According to experts in the field, online reservations may become competitive in the future for business owners.

Sources: Search Engine Land